"At BNP tamariki are educated with care"

At BNP we are a community based not for profit centre that believes in providing quality care and education for all learners within our community and beyond. We are a community of learners that fosters mutual co-operation and personal growth and value the mana of all and that it is treasured and respected.

“We work together to achieve things that cannot be achieved alone” (L Sweet)

We believe that whanau-kaiako collaboration is key in successful education experience to enause the best outcomes for tamariki. We support the changing needs of our military and civilian families in times of transition due to deployments and postings.

We work towards shared visions and common goals focused on positive outcomes for learners. We see kaiako as co-learners, supporting and guiding tamariki to explore and discover the world around them. We believe it is necessary to continue to evolve in our teaching and to keep up to date with current trends and theories through the provision of professional development and learning as well as through

self-directed teacher reading, research and professional conversations which will support our learning journey and ongoing teacher registration.

We create a stimulating environment that offers a balance of free play and structured learning opportunities for children to grow to their full potential. We view tamariki as the leaders of their learning and we will develop assessment and planning practices to support this and encourage authentic learning opportunities that interest tamariki. The aspirations, principles, strands and goals of Te Whāriki will influence all our teaching and learning and guide us in our professional commitment to our learning community. We foster an emergent curriculum whcih tamariki develop socail skills to help them become competent and confident learners.

We honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi and our practice respects Māori values and Tikanga and our commitment to keep Te Reo as a living language. We recognise this is an ongoing learning journey for us all.