Your Child’s First Day

Settling in

Some children take longer to settle into a new environment. We work closely with parents to ensure your child settles and feels safe in our centre as quickly as possible. Some children prefer shorter visits to begin with, while others settle straight away.

Parents are encouraged to have at least two to three short visits to the Centre before leaving your child in our care. There is no charge for these sessions while a parent or guardian is present. This promotes confidence in your child and allows your child to explore and adjust to a new environment in the security of your presence.

At Burnham Nursery and Preschool we want to make the settling in process as easy as possible for both you and your child.

Here are some guidelines that may help reduce the stress and time involved in this process:

On their first day, your child will be introduced to a key teacher.

You are welcome to stay as often and as long as you like.

Establish a drop-off routine, such as enter the centre, put their bag away, say hello to their key teacher, get the child involved in an activity, stay for a few minutes, say goodbye and leave.

Talk to your child's teacher about their needs and discuss any concerns you may have.

Children are welcome to bring any special toys or cuddlies that might help them to settle.

Parents are encouraged to say good-bye once, and then leave, as frequent coming and going is unsettling for children.

Parents are encouraged to telephone the Centre and ask how their child is settling in.

It can be reassuring to know that their child is no longer distressed.

What to bring

Nappies and baby wipes as your child requires them.

Bottles (Milk, Formula, water)

Summer/winter hat.

Jacket in winter.

Please provide your child with a complete change of clothing each day (or more if required). Your child’s clothing needs to be suitable for play, especially messy play.

Please name all your child’s belongings.