Our programme

Our curriculum is based on the principles of the New Zealand National Early Childhood curriculum Te Whāriki which all Early Childhood Education services use.

Te Whāriki provides a foundation for children to become confident and competent lifelong learners. In particular, we focus on children’s learning competences as advocated in Te Whāriki, encouraging children to:

Take an interest (Exploration)

Communicate with others (Communication)

Persist with difficulty (Well-being)

Be involved (Contribution/Belonging)

Take responsibility (Belonging)

These early childhood curriculum competencies flow onto the NZ School Curriculum competencies. Because learning happened everywhere and all the time, the connection children make about their learning between home and their Early Childhood Centre helps them build strong learning foundations.

Staff have monthly planning meetings to plan for your child’s needs on an individual basis and as well to discuss and plan for the month ahead. This information is shared with you through noticeboards and newsletters.

Portfolio books are maintained for all children and parents / whanau are encouraged to view these regularly and contribute to them. These learning portfolios are valuable keepsakes and include stories about your child’s learning progress and experiences, their photos and their artwork. They belong to your child and will be available for you at anytime.

Our daily routines are displayed on the notice board in each area.

We believe that we are working in partnership with you the parent and are available at all times to share information. If at any time you would like a parent interview to discuss your child’s needs and progress please see the Centre Director.