Enrolment & Fees

Our charges

Enrolment Procedure

When you are ready to enrol your child, please make an appointment to see the Centre Director. You will be given an enrolment form, an induction booklet and a viewing of the centre. We recommend and emphasize the importance of visiting prior to your child starting with us to allow your child time to explore and adjust to a new environment and become familiar with staff.

Fees Structure

For fee information please contact us.

Enrolment Fee

A non-refundable enrolment fee of $20.00 is payable when enrolling your child to secure their position. This Fee covers administration set up costs including your child's Portfolio and Stationary costs.


Once a child is enrolled and confirmation of a start date is given, all bookings will be charged, regardless of whether a child attends or not. Full fees are charged when your child is absent. However with sickness if 24 hours notice given and a medical certificate provided a 50% discount of the daily rate is given after the third day of continual illness. Fees will be charged for statutory days except for the 3 week closedown period for Christmas/New Year.

Two weeks written notification is required to alter your booking and when cancelling your child's booking with Burnham Nursery and Preschool. Fees are payable during this notice period.

Late Fee

This is payable in respect of children arriving or leaving the Centre outside of their booked time. This is charged at $1.00 per minute per child. For example: booked time 8am-4.30pm, child is signed in at 7.50am and out at 4.30pm would incur a $10 fee.

20 Hours ECE

Our centre offers the 20 hours ECE per week, this is available to all 3 and 4 year old children enrolled at Burnham Nursery and Preschool. Please note that a maximum of 6 hours per day/20 hours per week applies to this initiative and no fee will be charged for any attested hours. An additional $1 per day is payable towards the meals provided each day for families using the 20 hours ECE funding. For additional hours you will be charged centre fees of $6.50 per hour. Discount for 2 children will no longer apply when the eldest child turns 3 and is receiving the 20 Hours ECE.

WINZ Subsidies

Your child may be eligible for a childcare subsidy.

Please contact Work and Income directly on 0800 559 009 for further information.


Invoices will be available to parents every fortnight on a Monday. Automatic payments/internet banking is preferred but fees can also be paid by cash/cheque at the centre, see office staff. For those who would prefer to pay monthly we request payment for two weeks in advance.