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Newsletter January 2013




We hope you have all had a chance to relax and have a bit of a break before getting right back into it!  Everyone looks so refreshed and ready for another busy year.  We are all looking forward to working in partnership with our parents/whanau to support and celebrate children’s learning!


New Enrolment forms were put out at the end of last year.  Thank you to those who have got them filled in and provided copies of both the birth certificates and immunisation certificates.  These have ensured all our records are up to date.  If you didn’t receive our new enrolment form please come and see the office staff.  If you still need to provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate, you are most welcome to use the photocopier in the office. 


With summer just around the corner and warmer days we are again applying sunscreen to the children.  The centre uses “Sunshades Every body SPF 30” sunscreen. 

If this sunscreen is not suitable for your child we are happy to apply sunscreen from home.  Please    provide a full named bottle of your preferred sunscreen to your child’s teacher.  This will need to stay in the centre until the end of summer!


It is important to us that all families are kept up to date with

information regarding our centre.  We do this through;

1. Parent notice boards! These are located above the daily  attendance sheets and also on the doors of the Nursery and Preschool area.  These have day to day information on them. 

2. Monthly newsletter.  This comes out during the 3rd week of each month.  It is always full of information relating to the centre.  This can be found in your child’s pockets along with any pamphlets, notices or handouts regarding the children or happenings within the centre and community.


We hope everyone has had a great break and are all looking forward to a busy and rewarding year.  A big welcome to our new children.

You will notice some changes in our room especially regarding the documenting of children’s learning.  We are keen for your feedback and always enjoy hearing stories from home.  

We are developing our “Whanau Walls”.  Our aim is to include photo’s of our children and their families on these walls while ensuring a sense of belonging for the children.  We would appreciate it if each child could bring a family photo into the centre as soon as possible for staff to include in these displays.


The Preschool team would like to welcome everyone back and we hope that you have had a great break.  We have been making the most of lower numbers this month.  We have made many changes to the walls in the preschool and hope that our display boards are more user friendly this way.  Please ask your child’s teacher to show you around them.  The children have all enjoyed many outings and walks within the community during the past two weeks.  They love being out and about in our community.